Referring Doctors

Dr. Edward S. Lee / Endodontist
Specializes in root canal therapy and is a recognized innovator in the field of endodontics. He and Dr. Moyer met while they were in dental school at UCSF. He is very skilled and compassionate.

Dr. Dean L. Duncan / Oral Surgeon
Manages problems relating to the mouth, teeth, and facial regions. He diagnoses and treats pain, injuries, and TMJ disorders, and performs a full range of dental implant procedures. He and Dr. Moyer have worked together for many years.

Dr. Kirk L. Pasquinelli / Periodontist
Specializes in treating periodontal disease, aesthetic periodontal surgery, pre-prosthetic periodontal surgery, and dental implants. Dr. Moyer has known and worked with him for several decades and considers him to be on the “leading edge” in the field.

Dr. Paul E. Speert / Periodontist
Works closely with Dr. Moyer to improve their mutual patients’ periodontal health and preserve their natural teeth. He also performs dental implant surgery and provides grafting for root coverage.

Dr. Rodney S. Lee / Orthodontist
Provides traditional “braces” and Invisalign appliances to correct orthodontic problems. Offers a complimentary initial evaluation for children and adults. Dr. Moyer and Dr. Lee met at UCSF.

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